Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wedding Freak???

My loving little sister, Natalie, also known as my Matron of Honor is a brat! If you check out her blog, you'll notice on the right side bar, that there is a blog that she keeps track of that she has nick-named "The Wedding Freak". And that person would be me!
Here's my defense:
1. I am not a wedding freak.
2. I am only getting married once, so I want to enjoy and share this excited experience.
3. I thought a blog would be nice to have so that Jason and my family and friends can read about the latest planning updates.
4. I want to remember all the fun and interesting and sometimes bizarre experiences of actually planning a wedding!

And furthermore, it's my wedding and I can do whatever I want to! Hahaha!

So... There!!!

(This post is dedicated to my little sister, Nat the Brat.)

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