Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're taking our time

Didn't mean to not update you all, they came back with a counter offer, but then we felt we should wait and take a little more time and maybe buy in the spring. Which means, I can start making more wedding plans! Yay!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And we're waiting...

Jason and I signed the paperwork on an offer for a house yesterday and we're waiting for an answer... so far, we don't have any news, so to us, it's probably not good, but we're okay with it, either way.
Keep you posted.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well... we're going to keep looking.

We're going to keep looking for house options. After another view of the house with critical eyes and sisters, I realized that there is actually a lot of work that would need to be done with the Blue house inside... so we're going to keep looking for options.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's the blue one!

Yes, we're going to put an offer on the blue house tomorrow and see what happens! I think the realization of being a home-owner has hit and I'm really excited! (And nervous!) Lori is going to look at it one more time with me tonight, and Rachael too, if she's not delivering a baby tonight.
Jason and I both got pre-approved for the loan!

So far, I am planning on living in the house first, which is great, so I don't throw away $500.00 every month on rent! We'll have to make updates slowly, but I'm really looking forward to it!

It makes me a little nervous, because I'm used to coming into work at what I call "on-time" which is really 15 to 20 minutes before I actually have to work, just to make sure I get settled, have my computer on and ready to go, and have my coffee fixed with creamer. Once I move into the house, I won't be 2 miles away from work anymore, and obstacles aren't as easy to predict! I'm sure it'll work out just fine, because there probably aren't too many people that live two miles away from their place of work anyways, and I still get up really early in the morning, so that won't be a problem either. But it still makes me a little nervous!

Jason's going to meet with the realtor tomorrow to draw up an offer. We don't want to lose this house, since we've both agreed we love it!

I'll keep you all posted on that!

Also, only 22 more days until my mom comes into town! You know what that means? I can FINALLY try on wedding dresses! Yes! I think I will try and get a day off so we can go! Are you ready, mom? You better be!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adventures of House Hunting

Jason and I have looked at 10 houses so far. Each one has its own personality and each one has a distinctive memory ingrained in my head.
The first two we looked at were promising, because we really wanted to live close to my sister Lori and her family.
They didn't work for us.

The White Picket Fence House:
The first one with the cute white picket fence and the nice yard, wasn't very nice on the inside. Looked as though he renovated the upstairs all by himself and did it really cheap too! Probably three or more different levels of flooring upstairs! Very weird.

The Block House by the trailer park:
The second house we looked at was pretty big and although not in a great location, we thought it would work out and Jason even put an offer on it, but things happen for a reason and the house went into foreclosure the day after we put an offer on it, and apparently before they were even able to see what our offer was. Oh, well.

The Blue House on the Corner:
This house is awesome! Has woods and a creek from the side of the house to the backyard, four rooms inside (enough for us to have at least 3 kids!), two bathrooms, two car garage attached to the house, another garage out back and a huge shed, just perfect for a playhouse for the kids! Downfall? It's on a corner of two roads, and although the front yard is pretty big, the back yard is cute short because of the creek. But I really love it!

The Manufactured House on the nice land:
On our way to this house, Jason and I were really excited because we really thought this one was "the" house! And to our benefit, we didn't know it was a manufactured house, until we were inside it, because they didn't disclose that information to us! We were really bummed! This house had great land and a huge wooden back patio, great for entertaining! Also had a gazebo and a large shed, the size of a small house!

The Nice Clean Small Expensive House:
This house was awesome. While only 1500 square feet or so, this house still had 3 bedrooms and the owner really kept it nice and clean and tidy. He was a meticulous man, and had all the information available to us, when we entered the house, he had a spreadsheet of the electric bill and pictures of the house, since he's lived there! That was pretty impressive! And the yard was just beautiful! He really took care of that place and it showed! However, it was pretty expensive!

The Dirty, Stinky, large house, with the people still inside the house, when we looked at it:
Yes, the owner lady was in the house when we went to look at it. That's just weird! It was really messy inside too! Food all over the kitchen, smelled like nasty meat mixed with dog smell (they had two inside dogs). Oh, and we couldn't' even look at one of the bedrooms because someone was sleeping in the room! So... there were four bedrooms and full basement (with three holes in the floor for the sump-pump). Definitely a NO!

The Apple-Orchard House:
This house was so cute! It was right next to an apple orchard, had a fireplace, a two car garage and could have been three car, if there was a door for the very end of it. Had a cute red brick on the outside and nice big oak trees in front with beautiful fall leaves! However, we were a little early (because the previous house was a quick in and out) so the tenants were still there. They gathered their dogs and people and left so we could take a look. The first thing that I noticed, when walking into the house was that it smelled like smoke, really bad too! Yuck! That would mean new paint everywhere and new carpet and whatever else! But it was an option, other than that!

The Empty-old-dated House:
This house really had potential! It was empty so we didn't' need to worry about the owner being there when we looked at it, but it was really dated! The living room had bright, and I mean, super bright pink carpet! I have no idea why! All the receptacles had just the two holes in them. And worse of all? The light switches were so old, it was actually two buttons and one pushed for "on" and the other one pushed for "off". Really weird! It would've needed a LOT of work! That's for sure!

And that's it!

So, I think we might look into the "Blue house on the corner" and see about putting an offer on it! I'm really excited because I really like that house! I love the idea of a lot of rooms to grow in, and all the space and storage, and the woods and the creek! I'm really excited! And I'll try to keep you all posted!