Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's the blue one!

Yes, we're going to put an offer on the blue house tomorrow and see what happens! I think the realization of being a home-owner has hit and I'm really excited! (And nervous!) Lori is going to look at it one more time with me tonight, and Rachael too, if she's not delivering a baby tonight.
Jason and I both got pre-approved for the loan!

So far, I am planning on living in the house first, which is great, so I don't throw away $500.00 every month on rent! We'll have to make updates slowly, but I'm really looking forward to it!

It makes me a little nervous, because I'm used to coming into work at what I call "on-time" which is really 15 to 20 minutes before I actually have to work, just to make sure I get settled, have my computer on and ready to go, and have my coffee fixed with creamer. Once I move into the house, I won't be 2 miles away from work anymore, and obstacles aren't as easy to predict! I'm sure it'll work out just fine, because there probably aren't too many people that live two miles away from their place of work anyways, and I still get up really early in the morning, so that won't be a problem either. But it still makes me a little nervous!

Jason's going to meet with the realtor tomorrow to draw up an offer. We don't want to lose this house, since we've both agreed we love it!

I'll keep you all posted on that!

Also, only 22 more days until my mom comes into town! You know what that means? I can FINALLY try on wedding dresses! Yes! I think I will try and get a day off so we can go! Are you ready, mom? You better be!!!


  1. What fun, Francie!!! A new house offer, wedding dresses, holidays coming up ... enjoy it all!! Can't wait to hear the news and see photos if it works out. Wishing you luck.

  2. You both must be so excited. It's such a big step.

    Have Jason's parents looked at the house?

    Hope you get it. You'll be having a busy fall if all works out.

    Are you planning to order a wedding gown a year ahead?

    I bet you mom is looking forward to coming out and seeing everyone, the blue house and gown shopping.

    How far is the blue house from Lori and Todd's house?