Saturday, January 30, 2010

He said "Yay!"

Jason and I are getting more wedding oriented lately, and we're trying to line up who we want in our wedding. I have all four of my sisters as my bridesmaids (matrons - since they are ALL married already!). I'm planning on having Lori's two kids, Tony and Bella, sit in a wagon (which my mom will be making a cute cover for) and having Ben, Rachael's son, pull the wagon down the isle. I've already asked Lori if I could have her kids in my wedding and she said yes. So, Thursday night, Jason and I headed to Rachael's house to see if Ben would be willing to be our Bible Boy/Ring Bearer.

Once we reached the house, I walked in the door and the kids all said hi, and then Jason walked through the door and Ben, who was sitting on the couch, jumped over the couch and ran to Jason to give him a hug! (yes, I am chopped liver... ha-ha)!

We told Ben that we had a series of questions to ask him. So we had him stand on one of the kitchen table chairs, so we were more eye-to-eye. Then proceeded to ask him questions.

Are you strong? yes

Are you strong enough to pull a wagon with two kids in it? yes

Would you be willing to dress up in a tux? What's that? It's like a really nice suit that you would wear to church. But I don't have one. Oh, it's okay, we'll rent one for you. Okay.

Will you be our Bible Boy/Ring Bearer in our wedding? Um... I'll be the dog! Well... we're not having dogs at our wedding. I can still be the dog! No, Ben, there won't be any dogs at our wedding, but if you want to be our BB/RB, you can!

Then Jason said, "Ben, do you wanna be the big dude's, little dude?

And I said "Yay? Or Nay?" What's Nay? It means, no. "YAY." (just said matter-of-factly) and I picked him up and hugged him real tight and said "YAY!"

So... we have our little dude now. Who, we told him, would look just like Jason, but a lot smaller and with less hair! (Especially now since Jason has a full beard!)

Now, I am working on getting the Flower Girl lined up. I plan to ask my niece, Grace, who is my brother's daughter in New York.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Flower Bouquet ideas for my wedding

I love this bouquet idea, for me. With the wispy-like stuff around the flowers.
These flowers are beautiful and the colors too!
I just have to have these berries in my bouquet!
And the Green part in this bouquet is perfect!
Yet, another idea for my bouquet.

I talked to my mom about the flowers and getting a florist and we've decided to order the flowers we want on-line and put them all together ourselves! I think that will save a ton of money, and look even more adorable, too!

Ideas I like for my Bridemaids' bouquets

I've been thinking of ideas for the wedding lately and found these ideas for my bridesmaids! Of course I would use more fall-ish colored flowers that fit for the season, but I love these cute floral -balls!

This one is probably my favorite of these pictures (the one above).
But I love the ribbon on these bouquets!

Dress shopping adventures

This past weekend, I've looked at and tried on so many dresses! My friends Tina and Betsy helped me and my sister Lori and her sister-in-law Lisa came to help too!

The first place we went was a small boutique. The lady was a little put out that I hadn't set up an appointment, although there was no one else there... I didn't feel bad, though.

It was a little annoying though, because I had to strip down, while she got the dress ready, then she helped get the dress on. Afterward, she'd help me out of the dress, then hang it up, but instead of getting the next dress ready and putting it on me, she let me stand there, half naked, while she put the dress in the plastic cover, zipped it up, let the extra air out, then zipped that last bit of it, then put it on another hook, then got the next dress and took her time doing it! I was so annoyed and completely uncomfortable!

At one point, there was a dress that didn't quite fit, so she helped by holding the dress in front of me, so I could see what it would look like, while she pressed her large body against my back side (and yes, I was still just in my under clothes, so that was REALLY uncomfortable!) I think she was just trying to hold the dress tight against me so I could get a good idea of what it looked like, but I think I wouldn't have liked the dress if it were the best dress in the world, simply because of how uncomfortable I was!

We left soon after.

The next place we went was David's Bridal. Oh, just so much to say about that place! I walked in with a vengeance. There were a ton of people there, so I thought we could just go find some dresses and start trying them on, but no. They made me fill out all my information first (and I was in such a bad mood, that I used Natalie's old phone number instead of mine! ha ha!), then wait 20 minutes for someone to help me. I was not happy. Then I go into the fitting room, and Jeniece comes in there too. No dress. Just us. I'm backed in the corner. In this small fitting room. No mirrors so it was even smaller. She shuts the door. And suddenly I am filled with the worst case of claustrophobia ever! Then she starts telling me that I should just calm down. That this is all about me and that she's here to help me and will do anything for me and will do whatever she needs to do to help me find the dress of my dreams and so on and so on... and suddenly, I'm comforted and happy! LOL I mean, after all, it really IS all about me! Isn't it? Ha-ha! Then I had a good time! And I think I have found the dress! I'm just a bit hesitant because I found it there and I don't want someone else to have my dress! And they mass produce there, so the likelihood is high... so I'm a little bummed about that. Lori said she'd try to look online for something similar, now that I've found more of what fits my personality. Simple. Sweet. Cute. and Fun. Just like me! I'm not sure if I want to post pictures, but let me know if you want to see, and I'll email them to you! I just don't want it to be "out" there for everyone to see!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a relief!

Yesterday, I finally put the deposit down for the Cake maker I want and for the Photographer! What a relief! I've been so sucked into the house buying stuff, that I've really put everything else on the back burner!

Kim, my work friend, has offered to help coordinate all this hard stuff for free! Which is so helpful, because I'm just having the hardest time getting this all together!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Celebration!

Jason and I joined a bunch of our friends and extended friends at a mansion close by last night/this morning to bring in the New Year.
The house was amazing! And when we walked in, there was a huge spread of food, I thought it was all catered, then found out that the lady of the house made everything! She's Greek and makes all her own authentic Greek food, which of course was absolutely amazing!
Danny, Jason's friend, and grooms-man trying to spoil a good picture! Ha-ah. Oh, well... we'll have to work on that in ten months and ten days!