Saturday, January 30, 2010

He said "Yay!"

Jason and I are getting more wedding oriented lately, and we're trying to line up who we want in our wedding. I have all four of my sisters as my bridesmaids (matrons - since they are ALL married already!). I'm planning on having Lori's two kids, Tony and Bella, sit in a wagon (which my mom will be making a cute cover for) and having Ben, Rachael's son, pull the wagon down the isle. I've already asked Lori if I could have her kids in my wedding and she said yes. So, Thursday night, Jason and I headed to Rachael's house to see if Ben would be willing to be our Bible Boy/Ring Bearer.

Once we reached the house, I walked in the door and the kids all said hi, and then Jason walked through the door and Ben, who was sitting on the couch, jumped over the couch and ran to Jason to give him a hug! (yes, I am chopped liver... ha-ha)!

We told Ben that we had a series of questions to ask him. So we had him stand on one of the kitchen table chairs, so we were more eye-to-eye. Then proceeded to ask him questions.

Are you strong? yes

Are you strong enough to pull a wagon with two kids in it? yes

Would you be willing to dress up in a tux? What's that? It's like a really nice suit that you would wear to church. But I don't have one. Oh, it's okay, we'll rent one for you. Okay.

Will you be our Bible Boy/Ring Bearer in our wedding? Um... I'll be the dog! Well... we're not having dogs at our wedding. I can still be the dog! No, Ben, there won't be any dogs at our wedding, but if you want to be our BB/RB, you can!

Then Jason said, "Ben, do you wanna be the big dude's, little dude?

And I said "Yay? Or Nay?" What's Nay? It means, no. "YAY." (just said matter-of-factly) and I picked him up and hugged him real tight and said "YAY!"

So... we have our little dude now. Who, we told him, would look just like Jason, but a lot smaller and with less hair! (Especially now since Jason has a full beard!)

Now, I am working on getting the Flower Girl lined up. I plan to ask my niece, Grace, who is my brother's daughter in New York.


  1. He's going to be SO cute in a little tux. And, I'm sure he's going to be delighted to be the big dude's little dude. He LOVES his Uncle Jason.

  2. Ben is so cute, I love things he says. I'm glad my kids are gonna be in your wedding, I was afraid they would never get to be in a wedding as little kids since they are so young now and you are the last to get married.

    And is Jason keeping the beard? or is it just a phase?

  3. The kids will all be so cute.

    I also am wondering if the beard will be shaved before 10/10/10.

  4. Thank you :-) take a look that emo boy hair on this blog:

  5. his responses were so funny! A dog?? where did he come up with that?