Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Celebration!

Jason and I joined a bunch of our friends and extended friends at a mansion close by last night/this morning to bring in the New Year.
The house was amazing! And when we walked in, there was a huge spread of food, I thought it was all catered, then found out that the lady of the house made everything! She's Greek and makes all her own authentic Greek food, which of course was absolutely amazing!
Danny, Jason's friend, and grooms-man trying to spoil a good picture! Ha-ah. Oh, well... we'll have to work on that in ten months and ten days!


  1. Happy New Year!!!

    You look awesome and I like the chosen color of white that you are wearing to celebrate YOUR year ... was that on purpose?

  2. Happy New Year! We stayed home, watched midnight arrive in NYC, then went to bed. Wish that meant we got a good night's sleep, but Gideon had other ideas!

    I was tying up some loose ends today and realized I still don't have your new address from your last move. I guess you'll be changing it again soon, but that's why you didn't hear from us again this year.

  3. Happy New Year - it's a big one coming up for you!

  4. Sounds cool, where are there mansions around here and who do you know with that much money?