Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding updates: shoes, cake topper idea, chatterbox, and checkerboards

I've been looking for a cute pair of red heals to wear on my wedding day... And I FINALLY found them! They had to be cute, the perfect color of red, open toed, sling backs, not too high or low, and I wanted a pair that had a super cute something on the top. And here they are! Yay!!!
This is the inspiration for a wedding cake topper... Natalie said she thinks we could make it ourselves... (but I'm pretty sure she'll be the one doing it, since I have a different type of creative talent and painting is definitely NOT one of them!). So cute!
Chatterbox: I'd like to have these chatterboxes on the tables and fill them with cute little facts or tidbits about Jason and I. Just another little something for our guests to do.
Checkerboards: I saw this idea in a magazine, I think the Better Homes and Gardens magazine to make these checkerboards out of felt and then role them with a cute ribbon. Then Natalie sewed a cute patter around the edge to show a more finished look. I was thinking of making them for each of the kids, but then I'm not sure how many kids they'll be, so I think just one a table would be nice. I made red and white checkerboards and chocolate brown and white ones.