Monday, June 28, 2010

Registering and Tux shopping!

Yesterday, Jason and I took a trip to the tux shop to check out the options and to see what we could come up with for our wedding! Little did we realize that we have quite a lot of men that need tuxes in our wedding party!

Jason, 5 groomsmen, Jason's two dads, my two dads, my brother, and Ben and Tony as the Bible boy and ring bearer!

You know, it's actually a lot of work!
Collar: should the collar cover the sides of the tie, or not? Yes.
Buttons: should the tux jacket have two, three, or four buttons? Three? I don't know!
Cuff Links: 1st option, silver or gold? Silver. 2nd option, white or black cover? Well, black if they show, but if not, does it matter?
Color of the shirt? Ivory or white? Ivory.
Ruffle on the shirt? Or smooth? Smooth.
Color of tux? Black. Okay, then do you want a pin stripe? Regular stripe? or plain? Um... regular, I guess!
Then we have to decide what to do for the vest, and the tie.
Bow tie? Or neck tie? I think we're going to go with neck tie, but I don't like what they have, so we may have to buy new. I'm not sure yet! And I think we may go with the black vest and a red tie, but I want to see what it would all look like together before I make my final decision! This is crazy! But it's still fun!

We then headed to Olive Garden for lunch then to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to start our registry. The lady that helped us, made the experience so easy! I really had a great time! We even set a makeshift table setting so we could see what everything looks like together! I love what we picked out and I'm so excited to make our house a home! And now, I can start painting the house to coordinate with everything!

This really is a lot of fun, and a lot of work, and I'm really enjoying it all!

New Wedding Idea: Ring Pillow?

I was searching online for a really cute idea for a ring pillow and while I was looking, I found some cute ideas. I figured if I found a really cute pillow, I could copy the picture and have my mom make me one just like it!

But then I saw a small truck with flowers in the back bed and the rings in the truck. It was so cute, but I realized that it wouldn't mean anything to me or Jason to have it in a truck.

Then I thought about having a football with a ribbon around it and the rings on the pillow, since we both love football, but figured that may downplay the ceremony...

So then I came up with a super awesome idea! A small tree, planted in a decorated pot, with the rings hanging off one of the branches. Then we could use that as one of the centerpiece at the reception and then we could plant it in our yard as a momentum of our wedding day! (Of course, we would probably keep it in the pot until Spring and plant it then.)

Yes! I am so excited about that idea! I'm going to research what I can for it, and see what I can come up with!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Florist #4

Actually, I really should be counting today's florist as number 3 since that first one was such a joke! I'll try to post something about the experience after Jason and I meet with her after work today. This is the one that Natalie used for her wedding, so I'm really looking forward to this meeting!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding cake tasting!

Natalie, my matron of honor, and I headed to the cake lady's house this evening and tried a few cake options and fillings and icings. The cakes included Chocolate, White, German Chocolate (Jason's favorite), and Carrot (my favorite). And the icings included butter cream, cream cheese which was totally awesome, and pecan/coconut for the German chocolate cake which tasted so freshly made!

Here's a picture of my wedding cake inspiration:Of course, I'd have red flowers on mine and I'm in search of a cute topper, haven't found one quite yet. For my cake, I plan to have the bottom layer the carrot cake with the cream cheese filling, one layer with white cake and either apple filling or a pumpkin cream mousse filling, and the other layer with a spice cake and either the apple filling or a pumpkin cream mousse filling; one or the other, but I haven't decided which one yet.I am in search of a cake base like this one. I'll have to find one that's at least 18 inches in diameter so there's an inch on each side of the cake... hopefully, my step-dad Bob can find something for me in his back yard!

As for the groom's cake, I'm going to have two layers, smaller versions of the top two of my cake with chocolate butter cream icing and German chocolate cake with the pecan and coconut filling. I think it would like nice with the chocolate icing, a few orange flowers and a cool Chicago Bears something on the top! Jason likes the idea too! And it will look cohesive next to mine too!

Jason planned on going to taste the cakes, but Natalie and I remembered her cake tasting and how she was able to bring home the cake and try it at home, so we thought it may be the same way, so I called him and told him I'd bring some to him. Then, when we arrived at the lady's house, she had the cakes and icings all beautifully placed on white square plates for us! She was very nice about placing the cakes and icings in a box to take to Jason though. She's a very sweet lady and I really look forward to working with her on my cake!

Oh, and Jason tried the cakes and the icings and naturally loves the German chocolate cake and the filling. So, we're good to go! Let's get married!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Florist #1 - no thanks!

For Natalie's wedding, she used a florist that worked out of her home, but Natalie couldn't remember her name, only where the location was, so I looked in the phone book, found this lady, and called her. She worked in the same area, and I found out that she works out of her home! I asked her if she was my sisters florist, and she asked for the last name, then told me that she didn't have her records with her, but that it was probably her! So, I made an appointment to meet with her.

I called Natalie, excited about the meeting, then found out it wasn't her, but another place. But since I had made the appointment already, I figured, why not?

My best friend, Betsy, who I've added as one of my bridesmaids, along with my sisters, joined me last night as I met with my first florist.

First Impressions:
70's or 80's style decor, fake flowers, dust, mixed with the stench of stale smoke... I should have walked back to the car, but I felt bad, didn't want to be rude, so I figured I'd see what she had to offer!

The meeting:
I had pictures, ideas, flowers, and numbers of how many of everything that I would need for the wedding.

She had a screen saver on her computer and another TV, behind me, playing with a variety of pictures of flowers that she had done at weddings. Half the pictures were out of focus, and the other half were of the entire room, with the ONE SMALL flower arrangement in the picture that we could barely see.

At one point, I told her about these really cute yellow Billy Button flowers and how I thought they were cute, when she then proceeded to tell me about this OTHER flower that was similar to the cute fully round billy buttons that I liked, that she called Kermit-something-or-other and was green, then pointed at one of the pictures on her TV, behind me to tell me that was the flower in the picture, which looked nothing like the billy button and more like a small YELLOW-ISH mum! I told her that it looked yellow, and she said that it may look yellow, but really it was green... um... thanks for the information, but that's not what I want. Which I should have told her at the beginning, had I known she was going to bring up that Kermit flower about 3 more times, before I finally told her that I didn't want that one, because if it's supposed to be green, but looks yellow in the pictures, then I don't want to risk the look of my bouquet. (And yes, she even brought it up one more time in the conversation!)

At this point, I really just wanted to stand up, gather my things, and tell her that what I want for my wedding does not coincide with what SHE wants for my wedding and leave. But I didn't want to hurt her feelings, and I couldn't figure out a way to tell her that in a nice way. So, I stayed.

Then I showed her a cute picture of a bouquet that I wanted and she proceeded to tell me that she thinks that I should have a bouquet of roses... I told her that I didn't want a bouquet of roses and that I wanted the one in the picture, with only a few roses, for sentimental reasons, since my Grandma had them in her bouquet. She then proceeded to tell me that when she orders roses, that she has to order them in groups of 25, and that if I wanted to stay within my $500 budget (my budget is a bit higher than that, but I wanted to think low, just in case) then she thought it would be best if I have a bouquet of roses! BUT I DON'T WANT a bouquet of roses! I thought it would help, if I gave her a random reason why I didn't want them, by telling her that unless they were freshly grown in some one's back yard, the smell of roses, reminds me of funerals and I didn't want to smell that on my wedding day! Unfortunately, it didn't help, so finally, I said, "Okay, well, let's go with your idea of roses, then!"

At this point, Betsy was thoroughly bored looking! Lounging in the chair, messing with her phone, then just as she put her phone back on the desk, my phone started vibrating, and I knew that Betsy had sent me a text to tell me that we needed to get the heck out of there! I almost started laughing, but tried to finish our meeting gracefully.

Back to the flowers, I was asking questions, and trying to get the information that would be necessary, if I were desperate enough to go with this florist when the florist told me, "Look, I need to take control of the conversation now!" What? Another missed opportunity for me to get out of there! So she then started telling me prices... And you know what? The prices she gave me for the amounts of everything that I needed added up to almost exactly $500!

Sorry, but she's not getting a penny from me! Actually, I'm NOT sorry! And I should ask for a refund for the wasted 20-30 minutes of my life, that was only worth wasting for this story!

Betsy was pretty entertaining throughout the entire meeting too, helpfully going along with theCheck Spelling florists ideas saying "So true" from the movie 27 dresses, then as we were leaving, she was telling the florist, "no roses, Francie doesn't like red roses, no roses!" In a very dramatic concerning voice.

We barely made it to the car straight-faced!