Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding cake tasting!

Natalie, my matron of honor, and I headed to the cake lady's house this evening and tried a few cake options and fillings and icings. The cakes included Chocolate, White, German Chocolate (Jason's favorite), and Carrot (my favorite). And the icings included butter cream, cream cheese which was totally awesome, and pecan/coconut for the German chocolate cake which tasted so freshly made!

Here's a picture of my wedding cake inspiration:Of course, I'd have red flowers on mine and I'm in search of a cute topper, haven't found one quite yet. For my cake, I plan to have the bottom layer the carrot cake with the cream cheese filling, one layer with white cake and either apple filling or a pumpkin cream mousse filling, and the other layer with a spice cake and either the apple filling or a pumpkin cream mousse filling; one or the other, but I haven't decided which one yet.I am in search of a cake base like this one. I'll have to find one that's at least 18 inches in diameter so there's an inch on each side of the cake... hopefully, my step-dad Bob can find something for me in his back yard!

As for the groom's cake, I'm going to have two layers, smaller versions of the top two of my cake with chocolate butter cream icing and German chocolate cake with the pecan and coconut filling. I think it would like nice with the chocolate icing, a few orange flowers and a cool Chicago Bears something on the top! Jason likes the idea too! And it will look cohesive next to mine too!

Jason planned on going to taste the cakes, but Natalie and I remembered her cake tasting and how she was able to bring home the cake and try it at home, so we thought it may be the same way, so I called him and told him I'd bring some to him. Then, when we arrived at the lady's house, she had the cakes and icings all beautifully placed on white square plates for us! She was very nice about placing the cakes and icings in a box to take to Jason though. She's a very sweet lady and I really look forward to working with her on my cake!

Oh, and Jason tried the cakes and the icings and naturally loves the German chocolate cake and the filling. So, we're good to go! Let's get married!


  1. I'd never heard of different layers but think it is a really smart idea. What's a groom's cake? Is it for the groom and his groomsmen only? Never heard of that either. Your ideas for the cake and the pictures are so original and really great.

    I bet it was fun tonight.

    Things sure have changed. When I married, I spoke with the coordinator of the Officer's Club (I married a naval submarine officer at the Navy Base in Groton, CT.) and don't think I ever tasted a cake or saw pictures. I like it the way things are done now.

  2. YUM!!! I can just taste it the way you wrote that post. YUM! YUM! YUM!

  3. Everything sounds wonderful! The cake is beautiful. I like the simplicity of it. Elegant!

  4. I like the cake a lot. Maybe you could just put fresh flowers on the top instead of spending a lot of money on a cake topper.