Monday, June 28, 2010

New Wedding Idea: Ring Pillow?

I was searching online for a really cute idea for a ring pillow and while I was looking, I found some cute ideas. I figured if I found a really cute pillow, I could copy the picture and have my mom make me one just like it!

But then I saw a small truck with flowers in the back bed and the rings in the truck. It was so cute, but I realized that it wouldn't mean anything to me or Jason to have it in a truck.

Then I thought about having a football with a ribbon around it and the rings on the pillow, since we both love football, but figured that may downplay the ceremony...

So then I came up with a super awesome idea! A small tree, planted in a decorated pot, with the rings hanging off one of the branches. Then we could use that as one of the centerpiece at the reception and then we could plant it in our yard as a momentum of our wedding day! (Of course, we would probably keep it in the pot until Spring and plant it then.)

Yes! I am so excited about that idea! I'm going to research what I can for it, and see what I can come up with!


  1. Love the potted tree idea and how it can they go into your yard.

    How about posting more of your house?

  2. Thanks guys! I'm trying to research what type of tree to use!