Monday, June 28, 2010

Registering and Tux shopping!

Yesterday, Jason and I took a trip to the tux shop to check out the options and to see what we could come up with for our wedding! Little did we realize that we have quite a lot of men that need tuxes in our wedding party!

Jason, 5 groomsmen, Jason's two dads, my two dads, my brother, and Ben and Tony as the Bible boy and ring bearer!

You know, it's actually a lot of work!
Collar: should the collar cover the sides of the tie, or not? Yes.
Buttons: should the tux jacket have two, three, or four buttons? Three? I don't know!
Cuff Links: 1st option, silver or gold? Silver. 2nd option, white or black cover? Well, black if they show, but if not, does it matter?
Color of the shirt? Ivory or white? Ivory.
Ruffle on the shirt? Or smooth? Smooth.
Color of tux? Black. Okay, then do you want a pin stripe? Regular stripe? or plain? Um... regular, I guess!
Then we have to decide what to do for the vest, and the tie.
Bow tie? Or neck tie? I think we're going to go with neck tie, but I don't like what they have, so we may have to buy new. I'm not sure yet! And I think we may go with the black vest and a red tie, but I want to see what it would all look like together before I make my final decision! This is crazy! But it's still fun!

We then headed to Olive Garden for lunch then to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to start our registry. The lady that helped us, made the experience so easy! I really had a great time! We even set a makeshift table setting so we could see what everything looks like together! I love what we picked out and I'm so excited to make our house a home! And now, I can start painting the house to coordinate with everything!

This really is a lot of fun, and a lot of work, and I'm really enjoying it all!


  1. It's fun to go through the store with the "gun" selecting items for the gift registery.

  2. Two more days and you'll be down to the double digits.

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