Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Flower Bouquet ideas for my wedding

I love this bouquet idea, for me. With the wispy-like stuff around the flowers.
These flowers are beautiful and the colors too!
I just have to have these berries in my bouquet!
And the Green part in this bouquet is perfect!
Yet, another idea for my bouquet.

I talked to my mom about the flowers and getting a florist and we've decided to order the flowers we want on-line and put them all together ourselves! I think that will save a ton of money, and look even more adorable, too!


  1. I love them! The berries are hipericum (spelling) berries. Love the green looped over and the whispy things around the red roses. My least favorite is the last one as I don't like the color combination.

  2. not a fan, but you know that, I already told you. I was in bed last night when I read your blog the first time. I hate typing with one hand.

  3. Francie they are all really cute! I'm sure you and mom and Rach and Nat came make some awesome arrangements.

  4. I think its a cute idea, i just dont like how the flowers look restricted. i think we could do it ourselves to have the same look but a little less restricted.