Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ring nightmares

Right after Jason proposed, I had starting having nightmares about my ring! And I base the blame solely on one of my co-workers, Cherie.
About a few months ago, Cherie and I were chatting about rings and she showed me hers and asked me what kind of ring I wanted... She then proceeded to tell me that her diamond in her ring has fallen out three times! Yes! She lost the diamond in her ring, three times!

Can you imagine?

So, of course, after Jason gave me the ring, I started having nightmares that my diamond was missing, or fell out. It even haunted me during the day. If I was driving, I'd quickly look at my ring, just to make sure it didn't just fall out. Or when I washed the dishes, I would take the ring off and put it across the room on a hook, but every now and then I would look back just to make sure it hadn't fallen or that the diamond was still intact!

When I came back from my vacation, I told Cherie how she has traumatized me! She laughed at me and then told me it was only because she only had three prongs and that now she has 4 and it's fine! (I have four prongs on mine, so I'm in the clear!)

Oh! And another co-worker of mine told me this story about her ring:
She lost her ring about three years ago, and thought that her dog, a puppy at the time, had eaten it. So, yes, they had been looking in the backyard for quite some time and had never found it there, but she just knew it was there! After all this time, they never found it… in the backyard! Yes, just recently they found it! Want to know where? Well, apparently, when the dog was a puppy, it would hang its butt over the bed and poop! Gross. I know, but that’s a puppy for you. And would you believe it? They had just recently moved the bed, and found a ring in dried poop, on the metal bed frame! Can you imagine??? That would be just awful!

So, do any of you have any ring stories to share?


  1. Okay GROSS about the ring under the bed story. Wow, never heard one like that one.

    Did you and Jason go "ring shopping" prior to the official engagement, or was the ring-style a complete surprise?

  2. Well, I've been tying mine to my scrubs when I have to do surgery or a delivery for 13 years. As absent minded as I can be about stuff, it's a downright miracle that I've never lost it. There were a couple close calls though, where I had to dig through dirty scrub laundry at the hospital.

  3. The puppy poop takes the prize. If they had a puppy doing that, don't you think that they'd daily check for puppy poop?

    Hopefully your ring is insured in case the diamong ever did fall out.

    Did you and Jason ring shop beforehand or did he surprise you? I wanted to shop beforehand as it's such a major purchase and I knew just what I wanted.

  4. We went to look at rings only once. He also had asked me to send him a picture of one I liked, and then he went and picked one out himself. It was very close to the idea that I liked and I love it! The wedding band is also a "wrap" and when they are together, it'll look like one ring. It's really beautiful too!

  5. Get it insured. I have insurance on mine and it makes life a lot less stressful, especially since it appraised for more than we paid for it. So if I do ever lose it, then I can get a new and improved one.

  6. Michelle's ring fell off on her way into a store in Alaska. She noticed it on her way out and went ballistic looking in the store for it to no avail. Then they told her to go home and calm down and they would call if found. On her way out she saw it in the road in snow and ice and crumpled after a car ran it over. They were able to repair it, but quite an ordeal.