Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ceremony and Reception location options

My friend Betsy has been helping me with my wedding plans by setting up appointments for venues for either the ceremony or the reception. This last Friday, we were able to look at two different Bed and Breakfasts. I've been wanting something a little different than the usual, so I thought B&B's would be a good place to look.
The first one we went to was absolutely beautiful! The scenery was perfect! Just what I wanted! Green. Trees. Nature. Beauty. Simple. Perfect!
Here's the gazebo where we could get married. We could even potentially have chairs around in a circle for something a bit different. I was also thinking maybe a tent, just in case it rained (or snowed, since Michigan is famous for such indecisiveness when it comes to weather!) Here's a quick picture I took of part of the house, and the inside was something out of a magazine!
Just behind the house, there's another smaller gazebo.
When Betsy and I arrived at the house, we were both very impressed! I took these pictures so that I could show Jason later and see if he wanted to come and look at it with me too! The couple that owned the place were very cordial. We discussed wedding plans and such in the kitchen (which was huge!) and I really wanted to go outside to see the grounds, since the house wasn't large enough for a wedding. When we stepped outside to view the grounds, we were suddenly hit with a wall of mosquitoes! It was horrible! I think I might have gotten one in my eye, and if I wasn't careful, I'm sure I could have swallowed a few, as well! It was awful! The place was absolutely beautiful, but I just couldn't think of anything other than those mosquitoes! As we walked behind the house to the smaller gazebo, I noticed this:
A beautiful little man-made pond full of over a thousand Japanese goldfish and lily pads (and most likely the root cause of why there were so many mosquitoes!)
I just knew this would not work for me. Especially not with this breeding pond behind the house, because they'd never go away! Then it started raining, so we all ran inside the house and sat down on the adorable comfy couches. She asked me if I had any other questions, and I didn't, because the only thing on my mind was: if I get married here, my wedding's going to smell like Citronella candles and I'll have to give "Off" away as favors! I DON'T THINK SO!

We left soon after for the second B & B which was just down the road. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we knew right away that this would not work, but felt we should go in just in case. As we walked into the office, the owner (a younger version of Rodney Dangerfield type) greeted us at the door and before heading off to the "honeymoon suite" he showed us the room where they eat breakfast, which was somewhat of a smaller replica of a nursing home cafeteria. We then headed to one of the cabins to view one of two rooms that were available to view. As we walked in, we were hit with that smell. You all know that smell. An old cabin. A little mildew. Grandmother's attic. Linens kept in a cedar chest. Can you smell it? Add that with "antique"-ish type furniture and quilts that were old, not vintage and a tiny TV in the quaint little window seat with a nice set of bunny ears! Lucky for us, he got a phone call shortly after we walked in and Betsy "reminded" me of all the other places we had to view that day and how we may have "over-booked" ourselves, and probably should leave and then plan on coming back another time.
Better luck next time, right?
And we drove away, still itching from all the mosquito bites!


  1. Love your new site and your description of the first two BnBs. Good work, Gals! You will find the perfect setting with this good detective work prior. Have fun!!

  2. There are lots of cute little bed and breakfast spots north and south of here. Maybe you need to go out of town must a little bit.

    Good job on the new header and set-up! I'm so glad I finally taught you to do it yourself so I'm not responsible any longer! =)

  3. Cute site! It's great that you have a friend willing to make appts for you and go along with you! I went alone, it was a lot of "hmm, nice" and "ohh that's nice" and "ohh, I see..." when I was listening to the managers try to sell me on the venues.

  4. The owners of the flying, biting insect B&B need to fill in the pond since it's a breeding bed. What about somethinng close to the Great Lake or up North around the islands? I've never been up there but have seen magazine articles and think it looks gorgeous. A B&B idea is lovely. I went to a wedding at a B&B in early Sept. 9 years ago but it was a very small wedding for family and very close friends.

  5. Have the wedding here. It would be a good incentive for Bob to get the outside of the house finished and the landscaping too!

  6. Besty sounds like a huge help to you. She has turned out to be a really good friend.
    I think the mosquito's will be gone by Oct, but after talking with you, sounds like there are other pitfalls that make it the wrong place. Sure is pretty though.
    Keep looking, you'll find something.
    Check out the Millcreek barn I was telling you about.

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