Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Jar Idea

I found this picture on a blog this morning and wanted to post it, because it's almost exactly what I want for my table center pieces, minus that flower, plus a lot of red, orange, green, and yellow type fall flowers/wildflowers.


    I just found out you are engaged from Natalie's blog. I hope you don't mind me coming over and posting on yours.
    I hope you get to have your wedding just the way you want. I remember all the fun you had decorating the doors in the dorm for the girls. I can see why you like the barn and the jars are adorable. I am sure you're wedding will be beautiful.

  2. Love the jars with flowers. Your idea to fill them with brightly colored fall flowers is perfect and they'll be so pretty and would fit right in with the barn. For my daughter's centerpieces, her future MIL and I drank a lot of Arizona ice tea that came in cobalt blue bottles as they were the centerpieces with sunflowers. Getting the labels off was a real chore. Her MIL flew from CA to NH with blue bottles in her luggage and I drove up from CT with my share.