Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Baby - 09.24.11

September 24, 2011
Dear Baby,
This morning your dad said to me, "I just hope we have a healthy baby and that it looks like me!"
"And what about me?" I asked him.
He said, "just take a look at my baby pictures... I'm just sayin'"!
He then recanted and said that if you are a girl, then you could look like me... 
He's too funny!

We love you, little one.
P.S. Tomorrow you'll be as big as a peach!


  1. so sweet Francie. You guy's are going to be terrific parents.

  2. Maybe a nice combination of the two of you...

  3. You're having a baby!!! Oh, how happy I am for you two! I have been offline for almost a week other than 5 minutes. Been so busy. Can't believe I missed this. Got a read all your posts and get caught up.

  4. Hahaha... That will be ONE HAIRY LITTLE GIRL if she looks just like dad! Lol Jason.