Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby name Do's and Don't's

My little baby,
Today, your daddy and I shared the news about you to your cousins, Kristen, Jack and Ben. Katya was at gymnastics. We took the three kids to DQ to celebrate and they had some pretty interesting ideas for your name!
A couple that I remember were Kate-aria and Patty (followed by Patty Fatty, so that's definitely out!). Kristen actually came up with a good name for you: Charlie! And it's funny because ever since we knew about you, your dad has called you Charlie! ;)
Since we love all their names, we had a little fun with combo names such as Back or Jen (a mix between Jack and Ben's names). By the way, they prefer Back or possibly Beck. Bristen was another cute idea, and actually sounds like a common name too! However, Batya, sounded more like a disease! So that's out.
Don't worry, kid, we'll find a cute name for you, even though all my siblings took a lot of the better names already!
So far, if you're a boy I like the names Jake, Zachary, and Jason Jr (Or Jason Ryan). Or if you're a girl, I like the names Annie (after your great grandma), Jacqueline and Jocelyn (although your daddy doesn't like those last ones).
Your dad likes the names Liliana, Lily, Emily and Allison. And Andrew, Jacob, Mason (which your auntie Nay-Nay stole already), Lucas, Jackson and Alexander (but he knows I wouldn't go for that one.)
We still have about 6 months to decide, so I'm sure we'll be narrowing it down by half at least when we find out if you're a girl or boy!


  1. I love all your choices, I think I am liking Beck too. I really like Annie. ;)

  2. You know Anya's reall name is Anna. (Grandma Annie's real name)! And were not changing it, but since she won't be going by Annie you can still use Anna if it's a girl and call her Annie. :-)