Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Dress shopping! Yay!

My mom is coming into town and I have off work for a day and a half next week. We are going Wedding Dress Shopping! Yay! I haven't looked in a store, or tried on anything yet, and I'm very eager to get out there and start feeling like a princess! If anyone has any tips on where to go, or not go, or what I need to do to prepare, LET ME KNOW!


  1. No advice ... just happy to read the excitement that comes through your writing about your special day coming up with your mom. ENJOY!!

  2. Your mom emailed me and she's also very excited. What fun you'll have!

  3. You should try to make an appointment with the store to try on dresses. I think they prefer that. Have fun! I'll bring you back a British Bride magazine so you can get ideas from it!