Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I had so much fun today! Once I got off work, I headed over to pick up my mom and we headed to the closest wedding dress shop around. We were a little hesitant because a co-worker of mine told me that when she went there to try on dresses for her wedding, they made her cry! The reason was because they had asked her what her budget was, and after finding a dress that she absolutely loved, the lady told her that it was too expensive and would have cost too much for her to get altered, going over her budget... then she took the dress away! YES! She took the dress away and grabbed a few other dresses that my friend had picked out, and took them away too because they wouldn't have been in her budget!

I told my mom the story and she couldn't' wait to go there and see what they did! My mom is so fearless, she wouldn't have let them do that to me! But we had a POA: go in there and tell them we didn't' know what we liked, wanted, or what our budget was, so that we could look at whatever we wanted! And it worked!

We had such a fun time! I was able to wear one of their corsets for trying on dresses, which worked perfectly!

I tried on five different dresses there and I loved it! There were three that I really loved and I will post pictures as soon as my mom gets back from taking Katya to gymnastics and gets me the cord to attach the camera to the computer (I left my camera at Lori's house and tried to have my mom get it this morning, but she forgot). Anyways, the dresses I loved the most were not white.

The first one I tried on, I loved. It's a Mori Lee #2182 and this is the description from the Internet: "Crystal beaded lace overlays the sculptured strapless bodice to the empire with asymmetrical draping over the midriff. Full A-line skirt with soft draping and a border of lace surrounding the hemline. Chapel length train." This is what I thought of it: It was ivory and sleeveless and had a beautiful sideways wrap around the middle (pictures would be nice right now). But it really was beautiful! And everyone I talked to said that it was the first dress they tried on that they loved! I thought it was a little funny, but it was true! I just loved it!

The second dress was white with capped sleeves. It had a see-through type fabric over the main dress and parted in the middle, under the belly button, and I didn't like that at all! The only think I did like about it was the sleeves and even then, it felt like they were going to fall off my shoulders.

The third dress was white and had the bumpy draping on the bottom of it, but the top part was too busy, and I wasn't liking it.

The fourth dress was the Casablanca #PR1795 and was my and my mom's favorite dress at this boutique. The Internet description: "Strapless gown with lace trimmed empire bodice. Lace trimmed pleating falls from the empire waist down into the softly draped and tucked skirt. The back is fitted with lace up ties and billowing semi-cathedral train." This looked very slimming on me too!

The fifth dress was the Bonny #853. The Internet description: "Strapless gown with lace trimmed empire bodice. Lace trimmed pleating falls from the empire waist down into the softly draped and tucked skirt. The back is fitted with lace up ties and billowing semi-cathedral train." This dress wasn't my favorite, but I really loved how it wrapped and draped around. It looked good on me too!

Needless to say, we had a really great time there and they were so helpful! I had so much fun and all the dresses looked absolutely beautiful on me! I couldn't believe it! I was glad I took the time to curl my hair and do my makeup and shave my legs and paint my toes so I could look and feel like a beautiful bride!

We tried to see what other local places there were, but weren't able to find anything else too close so we headed to a town about 20 minutes away for another small boutique and there wasn't much there at all! She kept pulling out stuff that looked old to me, like from the 90's or the 80's even! Like the dresses with the long sleeves and lace... um... no! She pulled out about three dresses for me to try on and the first one was just horrible. It was white and a little plain and had a beaded design on the front, oh and the main top part did that ugly little pointing down thing and I will not be wearing something like that! The second one was so big, a size 30! She had to pull it really tight and pin it in the back so that I could get somewhat of an idea of it could possibly look like and she said it looked slimming on me, but even though she had it pinned, it made me feel like I was swimming in it. Yuck.

The third and final one that I tried on was so awesome! This one we will call the "Cryer" because it made my mom cry! It was ivory, sleeveless, had a beautiful beaded design and then had a veil of some in the back that wrapped around the waist like a thin belt (but went perfectly with the dress) and then it was a train in the back. Then she put this adorable veil on my head and I just looked like a princess! It fit me so perfectly and it wasn't very expensive either! If I didn't have more weight to lose, I'm positive I would've gotten that dress!

I'm really looking forward for tomorrow's wedding dress adventures! I'll keep you posted!


  1. I had to laugh at the '80s and '90s styles of wedding dresses comment... since I was wed in '93 ... you kinda made me feel really old. LOL!!! I am glad you are having fun and that you made your mom cry (in a good way). You look so happy in the wedding dress photos ~ I can't wait to see what you finally pick (even if you do not show until you post your wedding photos).

  2. Is the dress you're wearing in the pictures the one you loved at the small shop? It looks so pretty on you and fits perfectly.