Friday, November 13, 2009

More Wedding Dress shopping fun

Yesterday, my mom, Lori, and Bella and I all headed to the wedding dress store that my little sister, Natalie got her wedding dress at about two and a half years ago.

I think I tried on about 10 or 12 dresses at this place and had the lady write down my top five for me, so I could look them up online.

My favorite one, the Allure W242 in Ivory was so beautiful and simple and didn't have all the glittery shiny stuff on it. It really stood out from the rest and I loved it! But it's strapless and I really like the look of something to break up the areas between my arms and neck.

There were a few other dresses that I liked a few things about, but not the entire thing.

I'll have to keep trying them on to see what looks good, as I continue to lose weight!


  1. I bet you had another wonderful day. Did you mom tear up. Three generations have a great day.

  2. Glad you had fun. I'm curious to see the one that you liked so much. Oh man we were so tired today that when Adam was like... Let's leave in the morning, I didn't even argue. On the way home from dinner last night he was so tired he made me try to help h stay awake for the 45 min ride and it was only 6:45 pm! I didn't want a repeat of that! I like to be able to just sleep on the way there.

  3. I like the last dress you tried on in Diamond White, the color looked good on your skin tone, and even though it was strapless, it had that sparkly edging on the top which made for a nice contrast. Go back and look at the pictures, I think you'll agree it really did look great on you.

  4. I'll take a look at it. I looked at that one online, (I think that's the one you picked out at the end, right?) and it really looked nice! But I'll take a look at the pictures and see how I looked in it (vs. the model).