Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More posts to come, but for now...

Tomorrow! I finally will be trying on a wedding dress or 100! Yay!

And for all you who said "oh, time will fly by!" IT HAS! I've only got 11 months, today, until the day I'm married and I have so much to do! I need to really get stuff put together!

But for now, I'm focused on trying on dresses... probably will wait to purchase one until I'm down more in weight (over 50 pounds now that I've lost, by the way!) but I'm still really excited to try on those dresses! OF COURSE! I'll try and post pictures later!


  1. You and your mom will have a wonderful, special time tomorrow. You'll be a beautiful bride.

    Rethink posting pictures as Jason might see them.

  2. Oh! Good point! I will have to think of something clever!

  3. How was your gown shopping with your mom today?

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