Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a few wedding photos for the blog

 My mom took this photo and I just love it!
 We had a chance to take some really great pictures in downtown St. Joseph after the wedding and before the reception and this is one of them!
 Natalie hand made the cake topper for me and it was the most beautiful, most perfect topper ever! Nothing else would have been better!
 One of my friends took this picture of me as I sang "When I look at you" to Jason.
One of the biggest hits at our reception was the photo booth! I loved it so much! We really got so many awesome pictures of our guests because of this booth!
My friend, Christiane, took this picture of Jason and I as we exited the Church and it's one of my favorites too! I made all these red flags for our guests to wave as we walked out and it was so pretty!
My bouquet with our rings. The vibrant reds of the roses and berries and the burnt orange calla lily's were so gorgeous. I started crying when I first saw them in the church!
Jason and I at The Whitcomb, St. Joseph.
Jason and I with the new carousel in the background.
At the Millcreek Barn. Loved that location!
Yes. Me and my red shoes!
This is definitely my absolute favorite picture! Love all the smiles and genuine reactions!

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  1. You did manage to get a lot of really great wedding pics!

    Now you need a new header for your blog, if you're going to start blogging again!