Friday, September 4, 2009

A pumpkin Carriage! And other cute ideas!

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but I finally thought to google these pumpkin carriage ideas and look what I found! And I'm sure we could make it not so dark and creepy, but it's really cool!
I love the metal embellishments on the top of the large pumpkin, around the window/door areas and on the wheels! I think that looks so adorable! And If I use a white or orange pumpkin for the large one, it will look more wedding-like. Also add in some wire with curls in it, that will look so cute!
Here's another one I found online, though not as cute.
Here's another cute idea:
And here's another one:I think my sisters, friends, and family are going to be working really hard for my wedding!


  1. Just love them. Will you want the pressure of doing all this a day or so before the wedding though with all the other stuff though? If your family and friends could take charge of it, that would be great so you wouldn't have to be responsible. I think they would look perfect as table decorations. Great ideas.

  2. Thanks, Tina! Oh, and thanks for the "I do list" you sent me! It's so adorable! Looks great on my refrigerator!

  3. I saw that while shopping in TJ Maxx and immediately thought of you.

    Wish I lived closer as I'd happily jump in and help with the pumpkin and decorations as I love doing that sort of thing. Knowing your mother, her SUV will be packed to the gills when she leaves NY and I bet she'll be there the weekend before your wedding to dig in with all that will need to be done. She could have been an event planner with her ideas and organizational skills.

    My favorites are the first pumpkin carriage and the "polka dot" look ones.

  4. I think we can definitely come up with some really cute pumpkin center pieces and decorations. and by we I mean you, Natalie, Rach and Mom (the talented ones) I love the pumpkins with holes and the light shining through, I might even be able to help with those.

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