Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Tree

Jason and I finally got a chance to go back to where he proposed and take some pictures.
Here's the tree he got me interested in, while I got the ring out...
I think this picture would've turned out a lot better if I had a nicer camera and focused on the actual ring and not the tree! But still looks kinda cool!

And here we are in front of our tree... we hope it'll be there for a long time!!! Apparently, someone owns the property it's on and we're only allowed to be in the water, technically... Either way, it was pretty cool to go back and take those pictures, since we didn't have a camera on us when it actually happened!


  1. What a nice story and a good start for a wedding scrapbook.

  2. Have you thought about going there on your wedding day with your dress on and getting some photos by your photographer? Neat setting!! And ... you look awesome, by the way!

  3. um, sorry to be a downer, but you guys are really cheesy. That is not YOUR tree! It clearly belongs to someone else if it is on their property. I'm bored. I want to sew or go to fields.