Friday, May 28, 2010

Table number holders

Browsing through random magazines can really help with creative ideas! I found an idea to slit a piece of wood on the top for the tables and use them as holders for the table numbers!

I showed my cubemate, Sandy, at work, and she said her husband, Jim, could make them for me! I knew that Bob could do it too, but since he's in New York, I figured it would just be easier and more practical to have Jim do it for me, since he lives super close!

Sandy went home and told him what I wanted, and she came back the next day with this!

It's so cute! And so perfect for the reception location! he even sanded the top of the wood and beveled the side of the cut as well! It looks so finished! And just beautiful!
He said he'd use different types of wood for variety and I think it's so perfect!

Then yesterday, I thought of trees and thought about when people carve their initials in them... and how cute that would look, Sandy went home, told Jim about it, and came back with this one today!
He's going to cut a slit on the top for me and we can use this one for our main table! SO CUTE!


  1. Perfect for your setting and the price is right and people can actually use them afterwards.

  2. Love it! It so you! And, really cute.

  3. You should have the heart and initials put on all the stumps. I love this idea.

  4. I agree with initials on all of the stumps as you mom suggested.

    Glad to see the wedding update as I've missed your blogging.