Monday, February 15, 2010

Ah... the joys of owning a home!

  • So, I go in the bathroom and attempt to wash my hands... I turn on the water faucet and instead of all the water coming out of the faucet, I hear a waterfall underneath the sink! It was gushing every which way under the sink and in the drawers under there! I quickly turned off the water and then there were pools of water, which then started leaking all over the floor! I had three of Rachael's kids at my house so I yelled out to them "Get me a towel! Quick! Hurry! I need a towel! Hurry!" After a little while, Kristen moseys on in the bathroom with a huge grin on her face and a teeny-weeny little washcloth in her hands and said "here's your towel!" Ha-ha, very funny! (NOT!) I finally got it all cleaned up and the kids decided to help too. There was a bucket of something the home sellers left under there and about 10 extra tiles under the sink, so I put the bucket in a bag and put it next to the door to throw away and left the tiles on the floor, then had Jason put those in the laundry room. Then my friend and her husband came over and he figured out that the pipe was loose and tightened it and it's fine now, but man! That was crazy!
  • While my friends were over, I had Jimmy check on the water heater, since we couldn't figure out how to turn it on... pretty soon, he says, "okay, it's on now!" And I told him I wanted to see what he did, just in case I need to know for future reference and very nicely and non-condescending-like he says "you see this switch that says 'on'? Well, it was 'off' and all you have to do is switch it to 'on' and you're ready to go!" Full with visual aids of how to turn it on and off. Oh, so THAT'S how you turn it on? It was pretty funny, but he was really nice about it and didn't make me feel like a retard! (By the way, Jason was at work while Missy and Jimmy were there or else he may have been fixing it all!).
  • Then the next day rolls around and I get up early to head to my apartment to pack and move more stuff. I pick up the bag from the bathroom to put in my trash bag to take to the apartment (since we don't have trash set up yet) and when I turn around, I realize I have drips of blue/green paint on the floor! I run to the door where it was sitting all nice and realize there's a huge pile of this blue/green paint that matches the bathroom, ALL OVER MY TILED FLOOR IN THE KITCHEN! And yes, I freak out! Luckily, I had Clorox wipes and grabbed those and ran to the pile... it all came out! Lucky for me! I would've been so mad! AH!
  • Oh! And then to top it off, for that day anyways, I go the refrigerator to grab my Diet Dr. Pepper to take with me for my breakfast, and realize that it's not cold! Yup! the food I had brought over for my refrigerator and the few freezer items that I brought over from the apartment and the groceries I bought the day before had been sitting in a refrigerator all night and part of a day, that was plugged in, with the light on, but not turned on to cold! AH! Come on! Really?
  • Oh! And then, of course, our water softener isn't working right, because our water smells like rotten eggs! Sulfur! Horrible! So, hopefully Jason will figure that out tonight so I can take a shower in the morning and not have to take one at work, the Y, or my old apartment!
Ah! The joys of home ownership!~


  1. Wow ~ nothing like starting off on the wrong foot ~ but glad everything was fixable and back on track sooner than later. =)

  2. wouldn't it be nice to pick up the phone and call the maintenance guy, tell him to get his booty over there if they want to see this months check?!

    I'm so glad Adam knows how to fix stuff and that his grandma loves to help. the last few times something has broken at our house she has insisted on paying to have it fixed. She loves to help. I think that is her way of showing she cares because we are constantly telling her to keep her money!